Health, wellness and body confidence to one person looks different to another, as we are all SO different, no one size fits all and health does not exist in a single body shape or a bowl of kale. I am going to share with you three key things on how to feel more at peace with your health and your body:

After a holiday weekend, I always like to remind myself, my clients, friends and family, that we need to go a bit easy on ourselves, give yourself a break and allow yourself to “indulge” and be balanced. With an abundance of food, for some alcohol and lots of people, it can prove particularly challenging if you are in recovery from an eating disorder, struggle with low self-esteem or generally anyone who may feel anxieties about an abundance of food. My recovery from Anorexia was always particularly challenging around a holiday such as Christmas or Easter, as I would be conflicted as to how much I wanted to have, how much I should have and how this would make me feel about myself.

My first crucial piece of wisdom/advice here is to remind yourself that: YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE WORTHY. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. The amount of food or alcohol you consume does not correlate to whom you are, how much willpower you have OR how “deserving” you are of your next meal. Did you know that scientific based evidence proves that the more sugar you consume the MORE you crave it and the less satiated you feel? That means that ANYONE can have times where they feel like they have eaten “too much”, or indulged to a point that feels “unhealthy”.

Secondly: Food is only as guilty as we make it. Controversial, yes? Does that mean you should never include vegetables and protein into your diets, no! Yes we NEED vegetables, complex carbohydrates and protein, but that doesn’t mean that if we eat chocolate or a slice of cake we are not eating well or that the foods are “bad”. Amongst a wellness revolution it feels like everyone is a fitness addict, nutrition expert and only eats avocado on rye and while there are SO many benefits to living an active lifestyle and eating wholesome foods, there is the rise of eating disorders such as Orthorexia, which is an obsession with eating “clean” foods only and if this doesn’t happen, people are often left feeling insanely guilty. The best thing you can do is strive for balance in your meals, listen to what your body needs and allow yourself to have a little bit of what you fancy in moderation so you do not feel deprived, guilty or in conflict with food and your body.

Thirdly: Stop and ask yourself right now, is your BODY really the problem, or what you THINK about your body? We are only as “big” or “small” as the person we are comparing ourselves to, our skin is only as clear as the person’s skin we compare ours to, etc. You get my drift? If society was to change its ideals of beauty, would you change yours? Strive not to look like the photo shopped image on the magazine, or anyone else in fact, strive to work on feeling like the best version of YOU, because that is the only thing you can ever truly attain.

Finally, I want you to practice these two mantras the next time you feel guilty for eating, or the next time you put your body down. “Food is medicine”. “Food is nourishment” Plain and simply put, we NEED food to survive, it is a basic and highly important part of self-care that we NEED in order to function, work, love and be loved. If you feel like you have a negative, disordered or obsessive relationship with food, please reach out, you are not alone as a staggering 1.6 million people in the UK alone that are right there with you.

What happens today doesn’t define who YOU are as a person or what choices you go on to make. Whatever your journey, know that nothing lasts forever and YOU have the power to strengthen your mind and life to live more freely, in peace with your body.

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