An online course to help you get your life back after after battling with food & your body, created by Laura Phelan.

Laura gives an overview below as to why she decided to launch this fantastic programme and why it’s so important to her.

I know what it’s like to be in a “recovered body” and still wake up with crippling thoughts about food and body image each day.

I know what it’s like for everyone around you to think you are FINE, they don’t worry because diets are “normal” and surely every woman hates their body?

I know what it’s like to avoid social occasions, find it hard to concentrate and hate what they see in the mirror even though I have gone through years of recovery already. 

This is the programme and community I wish I had aged 18. This is the programme and community I WISH had been offered to me when I was at UNI, in the later stages of my recovery trying to find full food and body freedom. This is the programme I wish could be given to younger me who tried every diet under the sun and thought that changing how I looked on the outside would be the answer to a happy life.

After so many years of working 1-1 with clients and people just like you I have created a 3 month online programme “Redefining Recovered you” this is your online handbook/programme/community to help you get your life back after years of battling with food and your body & live the life that you deserve!

This is perfect for you if:

– You have come a long way in recovery from an ED or disordered relationship with food & poor body image but still need support, accountability and evidence-based tools to find FULL food and body freedom so you can live an amazing life

– Want a more affordable and accessible way of working with me.

– You have been a yo-yo dieter or have struggled with disordered eating and finally want to break free from this.

-Want a supportive network, accountability and resources you can use FOR LIFE. All the worksheets will be downloadable and so you can keep forever.

-This is helpful for ALL ages, body types, and backgrounds. Together we will be working towards ONE outcome=food and body freedom.

For just £150 for 3 months you get 2 monthly workshops (one will be live with me!) weekly tasks and homework, unlimited resources, reading lists & bonuses with expert interviews as well as being welcomed into the “Redefining Recovered You” Phelan Well online FB private community where I will be organising events & meet ups as well as regular updates and advice! 

My 1-1 sessions in Harley Street are £120 for one session alone and so I am so delighted to be able to bring you an affordable source of support with me grounded in years of experience, professional training and ground-breaking breakthroughs with clients. (Payment plans are available)

Feel ready to live a full, enriching life, one where you want to feel excited and at peace with yourself, have the brain space to go for that dream career, create meaningful relationships and experiences and spend your life feeling fulfilled and happy and content.

We have just a handful of spaces left for this round of the programme and Signups for this course will end on Sunday 28th of September at midnight will a commencement start date of the 30th of September. The next round will not begin until next year.

If you felt like I did above, if you are truly sick of letting negative body image thoughts and obsessive worrying about what you are eating take up your everyday life, join us today and start your journey to Redefining a Recovered You.

I cannot wait to welcome you on Monday- see you inside!

Laura x

You can enrol on the course here – deadline for enrolment is the 29th of September 2019 with a course commencement date of the 30th of September 2019.