Can I seeK medical advice from this programme?

No any clinical/medical advice should be taken up with a doctor or someone in the relevant profession.

What can I expect to get from Phelan Well?

Phelan Well has a number of services. For one to one clients there a specialised eating disorder recovery programme with elements of coaching. As a combination Laura coaches, empowers, supports and educate people on mental health, wellbeing, eating disorders and nutritional interventions. You will get a clear relationship of your individual relationship with food, perpetuating factors and a clear understanding of how this impacts your everyday life. This programme is for anyone who wants to improve in mind and body, feel better in their bodies and feel in control of their health. You will also learn how to implement activity in your lifestyle and practical interventions and coping mechanisms to manage stress and prevent relapse.


A CIC stands for Community Interest Company, which aims to serve a social purpose and make a difference in the community. With funding, Phelan Well will be able to offer subsidised sessions to its clients ensuring more people can access support, it will also be able to raise awareness, educate and develop resources for anyone effected by eating disorders. Please note, that whilst Phelan Well is going through the funding process, not all services will be funded or subsidised, in the meantime there are different options available, for more information about one to one support email at laura@phelanwell.com

Why is Phelan Well different to normal therapy?

This stems from Laura’s first-hand experience of Anorexia and her astounding recovery aided by exercise outlets and good nutrition, her relationship with food and understanding how to fuel and nourish her body. This support aims to improve overall wellbeing specifically focused on eating disorders and mental health.

How long will recovery take?

The sessions start from 6 weeks and can be up to 6 months long depending on the level of support and accountability a client needs. Phelan Well’s mission is to empower people to take care of their mental and physical health and rehabilitate and transform those recovering from eating disorders back into full health so they can live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.