Phelan Well Wellness Team

Eating Disorder Recovery specialist: Laura Phelan
Laura Phelan is an Eating Disorder Specialist Therapist and the founder of Phelan Well. Since her recovery from Anorexia 10 years ago, she now specialises in Eating Disorder Recovery and helps people develop a healthy relationship with food and body image. Her training is from the National Centre of Eating Disorders, this remarkable and inspiring training is continually updated in line with the latest thinking from a range of psychologies and healing approaches and is approved by The British Psychological Society. Laura works 1 to 1 with clients, writes articles on mental health, wellbeing and eating disorder recovery and delivers talks and workshops for companies, brands and schools to empower people to look after their wellbeing as a whole and feel well from the inside out. She is an also an ambassador for B-eat, the UK's leading eating disorder charity and a Mental Health trainer for Mind Charity. Finally, Laura founded Phelan Well which got its mark as a non-profit CIC organisation this year, to help raise awareness and support anyone affected by eating disorders.
Registered Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert
Rhiannon Lambert BSc MSc ANutr is a Registered Associate Nutritionist specialising in Weight Management, Eating Disorders and Sports Nutrition. Her approach will empower you to embrace a healthy way of living through the food you enjoy and the life you lead. Having established herself at London’s most renowned eateries, health boutiques and NHS Hospitals as Resident Nutritionist, Rhiannon now works with private clients and consults for leading companies offering evidence-based nutritional guidance. Through your support at Phelan Well, you may be referred to Rhiannon for more support with Nutrition