At the young age of 13, Laura developed Anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder that has the highest mortality rate of all mental health illnesses.

“I recall the beginning of my eating disorder as a 'healthy eating and exercise regime' which now makes a lot of sense considering the rise of orthorexia (an obsession with clean eating).

I soon became withdrawn, isolated and all consumed by my eating disorder, a complete shell of who I used to be. My hair was falling out, I was freezing and all I could think about was numbers and food. Luckily for me, after starting a course of day patient therapy and treatment, coupled with a family holiday I had my turning point which changed my life. I recall recognising how near to death I was, with the dire effects of starvation on my mind and body, at this very moment I admitted that dying would be easier than fighting this illness and having to let go of the distorted comfort it gave me. Thankfully I chose life and my long, painful but amazing transformation of recovery began.

I must point out that recovery is NOT an overnight process. Accepting help and support was uncomfortable and challenging, but I needed to learn how to achieve a good relationship with myself and food. What I wasn’t aware of at this time or was that there were so many others experiencing the same struggle as me that were willing to share their story and help others overcome their eating disorder struggle.In 2015 I discovered Beat, the UK’s leading eating disorder charity and began as an ambassador and mentor sharing my story and supporting others in their recovery. This experience enabled me to discover my “voice” and passion to be a beacon of hope for health and happiness.

Alas Phelan Well was created and Laura's mission to coach, support and get people on track with their health and wellbeing. Laura Phelan is also a consultant who runs corporate workshops and delivers talks to help companies and individuals develop a better relationship with food and overall sense of wellbeing.

Phelan Well got its mark as a non-profit CIC this year and is currently seeking funding to support anyone affected by eating disorders.


To begin my journey, I considered the first thing that really enabled me to relieve stress and manage my emotions. Boxing, yoga and learning how to eat in a non restrictive, balanced way.