On Tuesday I had my first session with Laura! When I arrived she made me feel so welcome and began to explain how the aim of our sessions will be to work on my confidence, something that I've really struggled with.

Before my session she asked me to fill out a questionnaire so that she could personalise my session! I felt like a new woman coming out of my session and can't wait to go back next week!!
I have worked with Laura over the last few weeks and I have never felt better in my life ! Her programme is based purely on your mental and physical well being, with a special emphasise on feeling good in yourself, which women of every age often overshadow and focus mainly on losing weight. In order to feel better in yourself you need to feel healthy and well, which Laura can pride her self in teaching you through her sessions.

Will Brown

Laura is an excellent wellness coach. Her positive attitude is infectious and as fellow trainer I can hand on heart say that she has helped me improve my well-being greatly.
Thanks Laura, keep spreading the positive vibes


It's so important for people to know that they know they are not alone, and that it is possible to develop a relationship with food, mind and body that is not based on feelings of guilt, hatred or fear. Laura helped me to understand that I can be unapologetically myself.


Laura is a very energetic and enthusiastic teacher. I can feel her passion and energy. I love how she views wellness from a positive point of view - looking after yourself, having a more confident outlook and focusing on mental well-being


Had a such a fun filled, positive session a few weeks ago at feel good fitness! Laura is so motivating whatever your fitness level and can tailor work outs to be fun and individual in order to get the most out of your session.
If you are interested in becoming fit in order to feel great, not only within your body but more importantly your mind - then this is the place to be!

Becca Coulton

Had a really good time today, left feeling so uplifted, encouraged and positive. Would definitely recommend Phelan Well if you want to get some endorphins going while having fun and building your confidence. Thanks Laura!

Eliza Moyse

Feeling so energised after my session today and I had so much fun. Laura is an amazing coach and makes you feel so good when your working with her, both inside and out xx


I had worked with the other Laura two years prior and had success on a food plan. Mum became ill and died, life went downhill from here. I saw Laura Phelan and thought it was my dietitian, I said take me back Laura (funny moment). It made me realise I needed help and I need a different help than what I had from Laura. I needed to sort my head out and I hadn’t told other Laura or anyone about my bulimia.

Laura took me back to a long ago place in childhood and brought back memories I had attempted to resurrect. The questions she asked me enabled me to answer. First person I had ever told about my bulimia. This took the burden off once I admitted this and I was able to start dealing with this. What really worked was when Laura told me purging does not work and will not make me lose weight. This liberated me and allowed me to move on from 50 years back and get over what I wanted to change and wished were different. Why should this affect me?

I now feel so much more peaceful, I feel I have thrown weight away and I feel liberated. I feel I am in a good place to carry on. I don’t believe in paying people and ignoring advice. Everything Laura has done with me has worked. Using these combination of tools, I will increase my health. I feel I can move forward with a lighter step.
Dear me I’m on the way.

I attended Phelan Well's wellness workshop and so glad I did, 5 months on I still think about the key lessons I learnt and have incorporated into my day. My favourite parts were acknowledging ways to deal with stress, be kinder to myself and a great exercise on our dream future, and how I can start doing some of those things now. Highly recommend for giving yourself a life moral boost